Assessment (competencies, abilities, personality) is essentially important for making sound business decisions for employee selection, development, promotion and retention. 

How we do it?

For the assessment projects since 2005. As certified consultants we use worldwide recognized methodologies and on international, regional and local market validated products of our partners: 

• A&DC (assessment centers)
• Synermetric (ability testing)
• Envisia learning (360 feedback assessments)
Facet5 Global (personality assessment) 

Why are we a good choice?

• we share and use rich and long lasting experience of our partners specialized in research, creation and validation of new assessment products
• we use the valuable experience of our assessors from assessing more than 3,000 people on Serbian market
• we are able to follow the newest world trends and benchmarks for assessments used in selection, development and retention of key employees / talents
• we can accredit you to use the assessment methodology / products in your organization

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