About us

Advance International  (AI) is active at the Serbian market since 2002. We provide services for unlocking and developing human potential and performance. All our projects are tailored to the client’s organization strategy, corporate values, competencies  and organizational and individual development needs. 

Years of experience have proven us that our professionalism and quality / variety of services are key success factors for assisting organizations in business goals accomplishment.   

Our experienced team have been providing in Serbian and English language different learning and development services in the following areas:

• Competencies assessment / development  (Assessment and Development centers, 360 feedback)
• Personality testing 
• Training programs (in-house, workshops) 
• Coaching (individual and team)
• Team building 
• Engagement surveys 

The latest client survey showed we are recognized on the market as the provider with:

• Licensed methodologies, instruments and programs
• Number of products tailored to satisfy client’s needs
• Focus on the client’s goal achievement
• Project follow up practices 
• Instruments for measuring the development level before and after the projects