Miloš is Bachelor of Economics (Faculty of Economy in Belgrade).
Cornell University – Leadership consulting specialization.

Founder of Advance Training & Consulting and director/ partner of Stanton Chase International Company. In 1990 Miloš started his career in human resources management  - has over 20 years experience in human resources (primarily in human resources department for international company in which he advanced to Director of HR) and management.

Miloš is one of the leading experts in the field of human potential and capital. He is the founder of the Belgrade community of Human Resources, a member of the Expert Group for Hospitality and participant / speaker in many international conferences. 

Lecturer at College of hotel management in Belgrade.

Miloš is certified consultant:
Since 2005- A&DC i Synermetric assessor (over 500 evaluated candidates for managerial position);
Since 2009- Business Executive Coaching (over 300 coaching hours).

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Partner / HR Consultant

Miloš Tucaković