Bachelor diploma in Philology (English language and literature- Faculty of Philology, Belgrade).
Cornell University – Leadership consulting specialization.

In 1995 Marina began her professional career in the field of human resources management, first as a training and development manager in an international company, and then as a director and a consultant at Advance International.

She is particularly active in areas such as defining and developing competencies , assessment and development programs for managers and the development of organizational culture .

As an professional consultant, she has successfully lead projects for many international companies:
internal training centers (assessment and development programs for different levels, development of internal trainers);
education of internal assessors (over 50 assessors);
development of professional and managerial competencies for Talent Management 

Marina is a certified consultant:

Since 2005 - A&DC i Synermetric assessor (over 700 evaluated candidates for managerial position);
Since 2005 - Wilson Learning trainer in fields of leadership, communication, sales and customer care (over 2500 training hours);
Since 2006 - Facet5 analyst
Since 2009 - Business Coaching (over 250 coaching hours)
Since 2015 – PDA analyst;
Since 2016 – Autonom Talent analyst

Marina is certified master trainer for Wilson Learning sales program.

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Managing partner, HR and Management Consultant / Trainer / Coach

Marina Petruševski